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Petitioning United States Congress, Nation Senate

Repeal the Electoral college and Get into independent voting and independent to be every voter's option to vote for to Direct Electoral instead

by Timothy Paich October 12, 2016

999.976 NEEDED

TARGET 1.000.000 SIGNATURES 24 supporters
There are people that would like to change from democrat or republican voters to independent.With direct electoral all American voters could have the option to vote republican, democrat or independent. Independent is the presumably the most popular third party. There should be changed from 2 party system to 4 party. Independent, democrat, republican and third party (green, constitution, liberation, reform, socialist and others known to list). People are voting republican to vote against democrats and then vote democrats to vote against republican. 3rd party of independent voting should be voting against both democrats and republicans. Usually a third party or independent vote is a wasted vote. The only wasted votes should be not voting at all. 

We the people of the United States of America demand that the electoral college (delegate) election policies be repealed and that all elected government officials be elected by a majority of votes cast by United States citizens in all fifty states.

Also Jim Webb a senator of the United States thinks there should be an independent president. Either lower prices and put more on the independent. Mike Bloomberg former NYC mayor didn't run for president as of the electoral college. 

There are people that would like to change from democrat or republican voters to independent. We leave direct electoral with individual freedom like freedom of speech and freedom of choice as a 2 term limit as president of the United States or governor of a state. 


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