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Petitioning Who ever is in control, Americans, The White House

Impeachment/Removal of Politicians

by Timothy Paich October 31, 2016

999.831 NEEDED

TARGET 1.000.000 SIGNATURES 169 supporters

We're to fight for our freedom and against political corruption. No leadership is a common problem with politicians these days. We agree on smoking bans as long as people go outside to smoke and in certain areas to smoke. 

This petition is also for impeachment of a president to get easy and all politicians to be impeached for illegal activity or force to resign. Richard Nixon would’ve been impeached as president of the United States if he didn’t resign. This is as of the budget crisis but more like economy crisis as it could take years of our lives to reshape the economy.

It should also be screwing up very badly is a reason for politicians to be just forced to resign and being dumb, stupid or even selfish. There are times when none of the people should be governor of a state or president of the United States. It’s illegal activity that is impeachable for force any politician to resign. Those are governors, senators, and congress or assembly people to be impeached for illegal activity or force to resign for incompetence. The same with people as mayor of town or city and county freeholders.


Americans keep re electing the people and not try a new person. Also trouble trusting a new person believe that this person could be worse. There are people into also human rights and animal rights. Socialism isn’t the American way and there have been people not all special needs friendly. There are people out there denying climate change as that’s a big issues destroying us. Those who are impeached either are to get convicted or forced to resign. The problem in government is looking after just friends or family or themselves and no the American citizens. That needs to end as of ruining the economy and people could be paid less on their jobs. More like fired than impeached is what it should be. This petition is after economic issues. 



We have the goal to move things forward and certain things we’re behind on in our times. Here are links below for a group and to pledge to this but should also sign this petition. People from other countries could sign this petition to help Americans. Forced to resign on anyone is not made easy like in government. Not all of the government is a problem. There are people who are and aren't special needs friendly. There's also the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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