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Petitioning U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, President Barack Obama

Support a deep reform in the US justice system!

by Lucetta Deal on July 26, 2016

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The United States of America confronts itself with a lot of problems. Now that the elections are so close, the truly important issues have to be brought up and people should care about them more and be more actively involved in putting them in front of the candidates. One of these problems is the Criminal Justice Reform.

Statistics show that 1 out of every 100 Americans is incarcerated. 2.4 million Americans are behind bars. The maintenance of the prison population costs around $80 billion per year. The numbers are truly outrageous. Moreover, besides these high costs, because of the errors caused in the justice system, innocent people are incarcerated and those who deserve to be in prison are free to commit other vile acts.

In the early 2010s, members pertaining to the Republican Party started to support the cause. Also, President Barack Obama saluted the actions that were taken by reformers such as the ACLU, the Center for American Progress, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, Koch family foundations, the Coalition for Public Safety, and the MacArthur Foundation.

Instead of keeping those who rehabilitated themselves in prison, they should be taken into account as workforce and think about the opportunity for them to re-enter the society and be part of it. Members of the African-American community are those who are the most inclined to get into prison that in college.

Media reports about what politicians think about the justice reform: “The Democrats in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have both advocated for criminal justice reform. Both have met with #BlackLivesMatter activists and earned endorsements from civil rights leaders and the families of unarmed black men who were injured by police”. On the other hand, “On the Republican side, candidates like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has touted his reform efforts in New Jersey, have declared his previous actions a failure”.

These are just a few steps, but they represent a start into adopting the Criminal Justice Reform.

Alicia Keys and other artists have publicly supported this cause. For instance, Ms. Keys has recently started a movement called “We Are Here”: “Help bring justice reform to a vote so we can keep families together and reunite those that have been unjustly torn apart by excessive incarceration instead of just getting the help they needed” she says. The reform needs all the help because its supporters want to bring it on Obama’s desk before he leaves his office later this year.

Let’s spread some love! Support the cause! Together, we can make it happen, we can show everyone that #WeAreHere!


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