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Petitioning Hillary Clinton

Ask Hillary Clinton release her speech transcript with greedy Wall Street investment banks!

by Justine Burris on July 28, 2016

29.105 NEEDED

TARGET 30.000 SIGNATURES 895 supporters

Target of the petition: US Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton

Objective: Ask that the speeches given to Wall Street corporations are made public.

Back in 2013, Hillary Clinton agreed to give several paid speeches to Wall Street companies. Three of those speeches were given to Goldman Sachs, a very important investment back that played a key role in the economic crisis of 2008. The crippled corporation was eventually bailed out by the Obama administration after becoming a financial mess. After years of careful recovery, the company has now strong financial records as a result of the huge effort made from taxpayers’ money. Reports indicate that Clinton received a staggering $675, 000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs – simple arithmetic points out the current US Secretary of State has received $225, 000 for each of her speeches.

We, the undersigned, are extremely concerned about the reasons why Goldman Sachs would give out so much money for a couple of unimportant and meaningless speeches coming from Hillary Clinton. Although we are convinced Mrs. Clinton has a deep political experience and knowledge, she has basically nothing to do with the field of economics in general and with the banking sector in particular. It is very unlikely Goldman Sachs splashed out this important sum of money to hear Mrs. Clinton’s criticism about how corrupt businessmen have ruined the US economy. On the contrary, this money might have been handed out to strengthen ties with the administration in Washington DC in case things went badly in the future.

Bernie Sanders has done an excellent job challenging Hillary Clinton and asking for the transcript of those speeches to be made available to the public. The Vermont Senator who is aspiring to be the Democratic Nominee for the US Presidential elections has managed to tap into the general population’s anger against what he calls the ‘billionaire class’ – a small group of people that has been ripping the Americans off for years and years, according to Sanders.

During all this time, Clinton has claimed she has nothing to hide. She points out every time she is asked about those speeches that she is a progressive-minded democrat that will make wealth inequality a priority if she becomes president. If this is true, Mrs. Clinton should have no problem releasing those transcripts to the public. This has yet to happen!

The entire American nation has the right to know what Mrs. Clinton is hiding. Please consider twice before choosing the Democratic nominee for the White House!

Support this very important petition right now and urge US Secretary of State to come forward and be honest with the American people and have those speeches released to the media. As a politician who is tying to earn voters’ trust, it is imperative that she comes clean about her ties with the corrupt and greedy Wall Street people.


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Comment Section

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this petition are those of the author (Justine Burris) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DailyPetition.com or any of its affiliates.