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Petitioning British citizens

Support BREXIT and help get the United Kingdom out of the EU!

by Shana Deleon on July 26, 2016

19.367 NEEDED

TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 633 supporters

Brexit is an abbreviation and it refers to the “British exit” from the European Union. On 23 June, UK will have to make a big decision: whether to remain within the European Union or leave it.

Out of 330 members of the British cabinet, ministers and backbenchers, 162 are against Brexit, 132 are pro-Brexit and 36 of them still do not know what is more advantageous: to be or not be pro-Brexit.

Should Britain leave EU? Or should it stick with it? 

One of the immediate advantages of leaving EU would be cost savings. Leaving EU means that you are no longer one of his members and so, you no longer have to pay the membership fee and contribute to the EU's budget.

This is an advantage that has to be seriously taken into consideration, if we think that only last year Britain contributed to the EU budget with £8.5 billions, money that otherwise could have been saved and used to contribute to the welfare of the country.

Then, being pro-Brexit means you are pro-security. Leaving EU would mean closing the borders and restrain access into the country. The country would have more control on its borders and terrorist attacks would be lessen.

Eventually, Britain could make some inward investments, reinvent its economy and establish its own trade agreements.

So, members of the Cabinet, ministers and backbenchers, who want to stay in Europe, if you love your country, you should change your mind. If you want a stronger Britain, you should start supporting it out of EU.

Please consider taking the pledge in favor of Brexit by signing and sharing this petition. Thank you! 


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