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Petitioning CEO and staff of Electronic Arts

Stop EA From Being Greedy And Overusing Microtransactions

by Matthew Haywood

99.933 NEEDED

TARGET 100.000 SIGNATURES 67 supporters
As you may know, the immensely hyped Electronic Arts game Star Wars Battlefront II was released on Friday, and immediately customers were met with the microtransaction bullcrap that has become typical EA behavior. EA has been slowly phasing into this money-greedy joke of a game publisher for about 10 years now. Let's remind EA that you don't need an additional $45-$70 to make a complete Star Wars game, or ANY  game for that matter.

The ORIGINAL Star Wars Battlefront games back on the Xbox/PS2 were amazing games, accurate to the Star Wars universe and filled with unique characters to play as. Good maps,   The graphics weren't all there, but it was the 6th gen and it was acceptable for the time, but WAY better than the modern Battlefronts. Maybe it's because it wasn't an EA game. For god's sakes, the LEGO GAMES were better than the new Battlefront. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is actually a fun game, and it made it easier for me to understand the Star Wars story as a young kid.

Think 10 years ago to EA games like Burnout Dominator or Skate 1. Great games, didn't need DLC to enjoy those. Even 5 years ago, you would buy more cars in Need for Speed if you wanted to, but it wasn't necessary. Nowadays, you're actually REQUIRED to buy all this additional stuff that shouldn't be additional to make a mostly complete game from EA. Gamers want actually complete games, though. So what happened to them? 

Greed. Greed is what happened. They saw the opportunity to use the new technology of microtransactions as a way to make extra money. That might be a good idea on paper from a business point of view, but it's not a very good plan in practice. When you make a game that heavily relies on microtransactions, it makes gamers angry. They go and give the game the bad review they think it deserves. People who are thinking about buying the game will see that it has a bad review and why it does, so they won't buy the game. This actually hurts revenue more than if they just released a complete game. And other companies like Ubisoft and Activision are doing this too, but not as bad as EA has been.

In short, stop EA from getting greedy with microtransactions to the point that they remove game content and release an incomplete game just to try and sell it back to you later. 

If enough people support this, my friends and I will create a way to easily bombard EA's staff and, more importantly, higher executives with emails, tweets, subreddits posts, etc. about the whole microtransaction situation. 

The gaming community needs to be represented in the gaming world because it's just being too much. The Founding Fathers started the American Revolution because of unnecessary taxation without representation. Why can't gamers do the same? Wait, they can and should. Sign this petition now if you are against greedy EA and their microtransactions.


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