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Petitioning Warner Brothers Home Video

Demolition Man deleted/extended/alternate scenes released

by Timothy Paich October 12, 2016


TARGET 1.000 SIGNATURES 14 supporters
Warner Brothers doesn't have any plans to release a Demolition Man special edition DVD or even a special edition blu-ray. This is created to urge Warner Brothers to release the deleted scenes in Demolition Man. 

There are cut out scenes in Demolition Man. 

1. John Spartan's daughter. 

2. The Killing of Zachary Lamb by Simon Phoenix. 

3. More of the Wasteland battle. 

4. Lenina Huxley and John Spartan playing the old trick on the cryocon henchmen. 

5. 3 of the new recruits and they team with Jesse Ventura's character. John Spartan battles all 4 of those baddies and takes them out. 

There are other cut out scenes. 

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