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Petitioning Ulster Bank

Save Ulster Bank Arva

by David Brady March 29, 2017

1.552 NEEDED

TARGET 2.000 SIGNATURES 448 supporters

On Thursday 23rd March Ulster Bank announced its decision to close 22 of its branches, including the Arva branch. The closure will ultimately result in the loss of jobs, essential local services and will have disastrous knock-on effects on every business in the area. Ulster Bank took this callous decision in full confidence that its customers will stay sheepishly loyal to the bank and travel long distances to the next branch until it also closes down.  Please take a moment to show your opposition to this cold-hearted corporate decision.

Please sign this petition to show your opposition to the closure to Ulster Bank’s Arva branch and your intention to transfer your business to one of the other financial institutions in Arva if it goes ahead.


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