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Petitioning Thomas F. Prendergast (CEO & Chairman)

Stop raising the fare for NYC public transportation

by Pavel Kuklin January 20, 2017

999.731 NEEDED

TARGET 1.000.000 SIGNATURES 269 supporters
Being a resident of New York City for over 25 years, I remember the train/bus fare of as low as $1.25.  I understand that life becomes more expensive every day,  but when the fare went up over $2.50 per ride, it started to become preposterous and outrageous.  Now Metropolitan Transit Authority is aiming for $3.00/ride...

Please note that the quality of service does not get better; on the contrary, it becomes worse and worse!  Endless delays, inconsistent schedule, huge train intervals on some lines, dirty and insanitary stations.  I personally leave my home 2.5 hrs in advance to get to work on time, but most of the time I am late for work because of sudden surprises for which MTA is well known!

MTA dispatchers are absolutely obtuse and senseless people that mess up our schedule:  it is either two trains 3 minutes apart, and then 20 minutes none! Or you are approched the station and the doors about to open and the tran accross the platform leaves in front of your face!  ... and then you wait for 10-15 minutes for the next one!

The employees of MTA keep crying that they are poor things do not get well paid... and I see it like this: no matter how much they get paid, the service will remain crappy, and we will keep on being late for our jobs and appointments!

Please support this petition in favor of bringing the fare back to $2.50. Or at least do not raise it anymore than it is now $2.75. 

I count on you, my friends!!!

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