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Petitioning Muktesh Pant – CEO of Kentucky Friend Chicken

Ask KFC to protect consumers and stop selling meat raised with human antibiotics!

by Des Hutchins on July 26, 2016

19.166 NEEDED

TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 834 supporters

Target: KFC, the well-known fast food chain restaurant

Objective: Protect consumers all across the United States and stop selling chicken raised with human antibiotics immediately.

Recent media reports indicate that KFC is on the extensive list of companies that have received meat produced by Tyson Foods – one of the biggest meat producers globally. Tyson Foods has recently admitted to using human antibiotics in the arduous process of raising livestock.

Tyson Food general manager has revealed that prior to being born, chicken eggs were routinely vaccinated with gentamicin, a human antibiotic.

As a result, KFC has been labeled with ‘F’ grade in the ‘Chain Reaction’ report made public by the Center For Food Safety. The purpose of this report to assess the use of antibiotics in the meat supply chain for several fast food restaurants.

Why should we avoid meat from livestock that has been treated with antibiotics? Various studies have shown that consuming such products will lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that poses life-threatening risks to humans, causing severe infections.

The fact that KFC has yet to cut ties with Tyson Foods is a major cause for concern, as the lives of millions of consumers is at risk.

Most consumers are not aware of what can be found in the meat they are eating. They are trusting producers they will supply the healthiest food possible. KFC is blatantly betraying the trust and continues to foolishly disregard warnings that come from reputable scientists and food agencies.

The FDA has clearly pointed out that the excessive use of human antibiotics in meat will allow bacteria that could formerly cave in to antibiotics to develop resistance. While some restaurants have announced they are implementing drastic policies against the use of antibiotics in meat products, KFC has done nothing to ensure customer safety.

We, the undersigned, are hereby pledging not to buy any KFC products until the company listens to our demand and takes immediate action to control the safety of the customers across the United States.

Food protection must come above profits! Let us make sure that KFC truly understands this issue and takes full responsibility.


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