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Petitioning Vietnam's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Stop poisoning the water in Vietnam!

by Tori Hollingsworth on July 26, 2016


TARGET 1.000 SIGNATURES 957 supporters

Vietnam is the 13th most populous country in the world and almost two-thirds of its people live along the country's three main river basins- Thai Binh, Mekong Delta and Dong Nai.

Vietnam has 2360 rivers totaling to more than 10 km and it would appear that this should provide copious supply of water to the nation. Although the quality of upstream river water is generally good, the downstream sections of major rivers reveal poor water quality, and most of the lakes and canals in urban areas have become sewage sinks. The weakness in industrial wastewater management is the main cause of water pollution in Vietnam. Most of the enterprises do not have any wastewater treatment system and many industrial zones did not have a central wastewater treatment plant. Industrial wastewater was directly discharged into canals, lakes, ponds, and rivers, causing serious pollution of surface water.

It is reported that only 39% of the rural population has access to safe water and sanitation. In the Northern region of Vietnam around Hanoi, there is evidence of arsenic contamination in the drinking water. About 7 million people living in this area have a severe risk of arsenic poisoning and since elevated levels of arsenic can cause cancer, neurological and skin problems, this is a serious issue. Fish kills have been discovered along the beaches of four central coastal provinces, namely Ha Tinh, Quang Tri, Quang Binh, and Hue. No one dares to eat the fish. Some who tried have already had to go the hospital. Almost 80% of the diseases in Vietnam are caused by polluted water.

Vietnam should investigate these poisonings of the water which has resulted in the death of marine lives.  At present, no responsibility is taken. Massive marine death continues, people are ill and ocean damage continues. The government should find other water sources or improve anti-pollution facilities.

The water resources management issues in the country could be solved by implementing policies and programs relating to this. This is a challenge but there should be an improvement regarding the access to clean water and sanitation for both urban and rural population, improving public participation and knowledge and strengthening river basin management.

So please sign this petition and urge the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to investigate and take action against this serious cause!



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