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Petitioning Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Start adopting sugar taxes!

by Michael Case on July 26, 2016

18.973 NEEDED

TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 1.027 supporters

Sugar is a little ingredient that can do a big harm if used in excess. And there are a lot of examples on how people love to exaggerate: eating lots of candies, chocolate bars and drinking sodas and sport drinks.

The consumption of too much sugar can increase the risk of obesity and leads to type 2 diabetes. These are two major risks which people nowadays are often left to confront with.

If the change cannot come from within, than it must come from the outside. Leaders from all across the world should start adopting taxes on sugar.

A sugar tax assumes banning all junk food adverts on television, before 9 p.m. It can also assume removing adverts, price promotions and checkout displays for foods containing too much sugar in hospitals and other medical centres.

World leaders should start promoting a healthy lifestyle. That's one of their roles as leaders – to give a good example to their followers.

Studies show that only in USA, obesity costs $ 147 billion a year, about 117 million people having diet-related chronic diseases, diseases that can be prevented!

Adopting sugar taxes can lead to an important decrease in obesity. Other diseases such as diabetes, mood swings or heart diseases would decrease in number too.

I firmly believe world leaders should take an act on this and show they care about the health of their followers.

Support this cause and sign it today!


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