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Petitioning The Head of the Education Board

Stop School Bullying

by Sabrina Abrams March 11, 2018

1.999.996 NEEDED

TARGET 2.000.000 SIGNATURES 4 supporters
Millions of kids commit suicide due to bullying in schools. We need to address this and put a stop to it. School should be a fun place for kids and not a living hell. I've personally experienced bullying in school and they say they will put a stop to it and that bullying will not be tolerated, but they do nothing about it except for when the person being bullied stands up for themself. Then the student who is being bullied gets in trouble and has consequences while the bully is the "poor victim" of bullying. It needs to stop and we need to have all schools put an end to this nonsense. Kids are refusing to go to school, because they will be told to "kill themself" or called names. Teachers stand by and watch students get bullied and do nothing to stop it until the student stands up for themself and then the teacher yells at the child being bullied and tells them they are in the wrong. I've personally dealt with this issue and it is not right. Help stand up for the real victims of bullying and sign this petition to put an end to this bullying in schools and teen suicide. https://yousign.org/pt.php?t=4425&site=daily

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