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Petitioning Barbara M. Jenkins, Orange County Schools Superintendent City of Orlando Buddy Dyer Mayor, Linda Stewart District 13 House of Sentate FL, Bruce Antone FL House of Representatives

CRASH response - Crisis Response and Active Shooter Help

by Ayana Powell March 10, 2018


TARGET 1.000 SIGNATURES 3 supporters

Parkland, Florida - The suspect in one of the deadliest school shootings in modern American history confessed to the police that he "began shooting students that he saw in the hallways and on school grounds, " according to a police arrest report released Thursday.

He also shot students in 5 classrooms, discarded the weapons, ammo, and vest & THEN blended in with fleeing students and got away.


  • Instead of all these gun solutions adding to the problem we should instead nip the problem at its source. Mental illness, as well as gun control, are separate but equally important problems in this country. To add, we also HAVE HAD a school shooting violence problem. All of these problems need to be handled but more guns are NOT the answer.

  • Instead of Arming teachers I propose each school district should have mandatory"Crisis Response and Active Shooter Help" or C.R.A.S.H response training. I also propose every classroom should have a 'Safe Space' inside each Classroom or a centralized room for each corridor/hall/grade level that can only be opened from the inside by the teacher(s) after an all clear. You have all this money to arm teachers for certification !?! .....also the liability insurance teachers & school will have to carry for the school and increases to pay for the teachers that do, or will carry or be armed. Instead of using more guns and paying teachers to do it, pay for the safe rooms and the CRASH training.

  • Teachers can also go off the deep end due to a myriad of circumstances. What if you arm all these teachers and they get stressed out(which they are) and they start shooting up classrooms? What if my child is speaking with the teacher and another child comes up and snatches it from the teacher's hip/desk/drawer etc? Too many variables.

Make our children & teachers a safe room that is not accessible from the outside, build security fencing around the school(one way out and in by office controlled access) and onsite school officers that can respond in a crisis. AND.... you're quick to put metal detectors in Inner-city Black schools. PUT THEM IN ALL SCHOOLS. - Ayana Powell, US Army Disabled Veteran

The acronym was my idea on 2/28/2018. We need Our Children to be protected! Do not let this one be swept under the rug AGAIN!

Please sign this petition so that we can get this done. I know we all want things to change.


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