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Petitioning Who ever is on control of the prices, The Governments, U.S. House of Representatives, President of the United States, governors of each state

Power Lines in the Ground to get done and more affordable

by Timothy Paich

499.962 NEEDED

TARGET 500.000 SIGNATURES 38 supporters
The prices are very high for burying power lines overhead. They would be safer in the ground. Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Irene and the snow storm 2 months after Hurricane Irene people have been 1 to 2 weeks of no electricity. We need to get the power lines put in the grounds on the east coast in the no flood zones more affordable.

Maybe the prices need to be lowered. If they can't afford to lower the prices we could instead have money to raise for getting in done in the areas. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania and many other states need the wires in the ground. It might be hard to raise the money in the tough economy and so many people unemployed along with 

Lesser power outages and more public safety. Better view of nature that way too. 

There is the power underground site no longer there. Stephen Lengenthal was involved on that after a snow storm 2 months after Hurricane Irene. Holland has the power lines in the ground and maybe Florida has all power lines in the ground.

There is also taking stands against greed. www.powerunderground.org is no longer there and the fight to bury the wires after Hurricane Sandy. Here are links below on petitions to put the wires in the ground whether or not opened anymore. We could have the linemen if technology upgrades go around inspecting the wires. They could go around the clock with more and more wires in the ground and inspect power sources. 

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