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Petitioning Michael Gove MP

No street lights in Surrey Heath at night

by Jeanne Johnson


TARGET 1.000 SIGNATURES 134 supporters
The street lights are turned off at midnight in the area of Surrey Heath.  They are turned on again at 5 am.  This means the area is literally pitch black at night and I believe this is both a danger for pedestrians and could encourage burglaries locally.  There is a brook which runs alongside our back garden with a path for pedestrians and lots of bushes growing both in and beside the brook, with no street lights along this path someone could easily hide in the bushes and jump out at an unsuspecting passerby.  This might sound ridiculous but there are youngsters who pass through our estate on their way home at night, on foot, and as there is no streetlights to light their way I believe it is now a frightening walk to take.  Please sign the petition to get the streetlights turned back on at night.  I feel this is a step backwards and cannot believe that having had the streetlights changed to new high powered extra bright lights the council now thinks it more appropriate to turn them off completely, leaving the streets in total darkness all night!  Please consider the safety issues concerning the decision to turn the lights off, both in terms of people walking home alone at night and the risk to property plunged into darkness, making it easier for burglaries in the area.  Are we now such a poor nation that we have to turn the streetlights off to save money.  We pay a considerable amount in council tax and the services the council provide seem to be getting less and less each year, but this does not stop the council tax being raised year on year.  The services provided to sweep the streets, mow the verges and maintain the hedges and bushes in this area has been cut and now this is the last straw.  I feel as though we are living in the blitz.  Come on Surrey Heath this really is unacceptable.  Stop plunging us into total darkness, it really is unbelievable in this day and age to put people's safety at risk in this way.

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