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Petitioning Fraed 7 Grand Dad Fleentstone

W3ndy the mean hacking girl

by The Garchomping November 02, 2016

499.836 NEEDED

TARGET 500.000 SIGNATURES 164 supporters
One of the most annoying instagram account that keeps bullying and talks super trash that people did nothing wrong worser than sartorious, It is... W3NDY GLITCH AKA (The Spamming Queen) 


What is W3ndy Glitch? W3ndy Glitch is a super powerful cyberbully that she is an abusive offensive mean instagram hacker that she is really really really mean and her hobbies are Annoy people, spam, hack, and offend very hard. 

Why is she mean?:

The reason why shes mean..
1. Offends people and thinks she knows their history even though she cant understand anything almost like every single day
2. She will be relentless annoying with unlimited spamming and uses numbers as letters which no one will understand her.
3. She also plans to destroy everything but even though if she reveals herself as an real admin she will look weak.
4. X's Are her favorite post and make short texting about darkness, harrassing, and commiting other accounts that did not offend her why? BECAUSE SHE IS THE MOST BAD LIAR EVER! 
5. Her trademark words are, "pffft" "XD" And calling people gay for no reason.
6. Hates nintendo and super mario and thinks shes better than anything (Too bad its a huge lie because however no one is perfect) 

Fun Fact: 

If I was an exorcist I will literally destroy her demonic soul.

How to get rid of her: 

This is no easy task why it is not an easy task? Because she keeps coming back Forever but we can win a biggest fight between all instagram accounts that are bullied vs W3ndy Glitch If they are Exorcist accounts We will actually win the fight and W3ndy will be finally defeated and quit instagram for good. And it will be a 10-on-1

Fraed Fleentstone has a petition to remove W3ndy Glitch Once and for all if you havent seen that petition go follow Fraed 7 Grand Dad Fleentstone and give him a signup this petition is an idea to get rid of W3ndy 

With 500.000 signatures are ready then its time to get rid of W3ndy for good and make it better 


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