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Petitioning The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

US Regulators: Investigate potential bad behavior at other big banks in the United States!

by Jasmine Doss on October 26, 2016

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The shocking tactics used by Wells Fargo to cheat customers have recently come to light. It has been revealed that Wells Fargo employees had been ordered to open unauthorized accounts in order to meet unrealistic sales goals. Over two million false accounts have been opened since 2011 and now 5, 300 employees have lost their jobs after the scam has gone public.

The bank was fined $185 million by various regulators. The bank’s CEO, John Kempf, refused to step down for days, even after facing mounting criticism in a hearing on Capitol Hill. The now infamous CEO had no shame in giving himself and his top ranking management employees substantial bonuses, but had no problem firing over 5, 000 middle level staff. Finally, after weeks of tensions Kempf resigned as CEO and the Department of Justice has announced a criminal investigation into this matter.

However, the problem is that many other banks might very well have used the same tactics to deceive customers and window dress their financial results. An investigation into other major US banks need to get underway as soon as possible and those responsible must be held accountable!

In an article posted by CNN Money, employees from companies such as Bank Of America, Citizens Bank and SunTrust have come forward and admitted that sales obsession pervades their banks as well. Employees have argued that they face ‘extreme pressure’ to get customers to open multiple accounts.

Up to this point, no other banks have admitted to engaging in such unlawful practices, but who knows what these ‘too big too fail’ entities have hidden in their books.

Please support my petition and demand that US regulators act now and investigate this sensitive issue as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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