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Petitioning US Congress

US Congress: Do not approve CEO of Exxon, Rex Tillerson, as Secretary of State!

by Theodora Hogan on December 14, 2016

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After weeks of suspense, President-Elect Donald Trump has finally announced his pick for the most coveted position in the government, the US Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson, C.E.O. of Exxon Mobile, one of the largest oil companies in the world.

Nominating Mr. Tillerson as Secretary of State is a highly controversial decision, to say the least.

Here are just a few reasons why we, the undersigned, are demanding US Congress reject Mr. Tillerson’s nomination.

First of all, during recent months, there has been intense speculation about Russia’s involvement in the hacking of the US elections. CIA has confirmed some of the rumours and it is a well-known aspect that Rex Tillerson has strong ties with Vladimir Putin. (see petition photo)

Secondly, the conflict of interest is obvious. After Russia’s invasion of Crimea, the US has placed important sanctions on Russia, which neded up costing Exxon at least $1 bn in business. Such sanctions could easily be lifted with Mr. Tillerson in office. Furthermore, Exxon has business deals with other 50 countries – the conflict of interest is staggering and unacceptable.

Third of all, the conflict in Syria is another major topic that Mr. Tillerson would have to deal with. While the United Nations has repeatedly condemned Russia’s involvement in Syria, there is no doubt that Tillerson, once appointed Secretary of State, will rush to defend Vladimir Putin and president Assad.

Please make your voice heard: urge the US Congress not to approve Mr. Tillerson’s appointment as Secretary of State. It would be a national disgrace of the US diplomacy would be held by this man, who has an obvious conflict of interest and has virtually no experience in this field. Given the worldwide tensions and problems, we demand the Trump administrations comes up with a much more suitable canditate for this vital position for United States global interests.


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