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Petitioning Jack Dorsey – Twitter CEO

Shut Down Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Now!

by Cecelia Cheek January 30, 2017

3.606 NEEDED

TARGET 5.000 SIGNATURES 1.394 supporters

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The world is definitely a sadder place since President Donald Trump took office. Instead of building bridges, he has done anything but that. Mr. Trump has only been President of the United States for a short time, but has managed to cause outrage almost on a daily basis.

Last week he announced plans to build a big wall alongside the US-Mexico border, claiming Mexico will end up paying for the wall (or reimburse the US government in some way).

The latest controversy is the travel ban imposed on seven Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – for the next 90 days. All refugees have been banned into the US for the next 120 days.

It is essentialy a Muslim ban and I personally believe this executive order is extremely outrageous, disturbing and un-American.

Everyone from foreigner leaders to Hollywood stars have spoken against the ban. Tech company CEOs have also criticized the ban – Apple CEO Tim Cooks stated that hadn’t it been for immigrants, this company would not have existed.

I have had it with President’s Trump policies. I am just sick of it all.

More needs to be done to combat Mr. Trump’s toxic policies. Twitter officials should take action and ban his account. Mr. Trump uses Twiter a lot to express himself and this is virtually the place where evil is born.

Please show your support and help get @realDonaldTrump twitter account get blocked forever!

Help get Mr. Trump's Twitter account removed.

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