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Petitioning Jerry Boone – New York State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance

Revoke tax instated on feminine hygiene products in New York!

by Reta Hensley on July 26, 2016

29.087 NEEDED

TARGET 30.000 SIGNATURES 913 supporters

Dear readers,

It has recently come to my attention that the state of New York has imposed a tax on feminine hygiene products. In my view, this tax is purely discrimination, it has no legal base and should be rescinded as soon as possible. I am desperately trying to get as many signatures as possible and force the NY state authorities to do the right thing and have this tax abolished. Please read the petition below and join the campaign.

According to several newspaper articles, this discriminatory tax forces women to pay more for the feminine hygiene products that they purchase, other than medical supplies.

Such blatant prejudice should not be tolerated anywhere in America – especially New York, which is considered one of the most liberal states in the US.

According to the Federal Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) feminine hygiene products are classified as ‘medical devices’. According to this classification, they should not be subjected to any sort of luxury taxation. In spite of this, women in the state of New York are paying an estimate of $14 billion in abusive taxes each year. Meanwhile, ‘medical devices’ like Rogaine and Chapstick are not subjected to any type of taxation. NY state officials have argued that tampon taxes are considered ‘luxury products’ and should be subjected to an extra tax.

It is my firm belief that hygiene products have many uses, but none of them are luxuries.

Up to this point, five women have already decided to take matters into their own hands and have sued NY state authorities. They claim that no matter how many hurdles they face, they are determined to and end to this illegal and discriminatory measure and will plead their case up to the Supreme Court if necessary.

This illegal ‘tampon tax’ must be abolished as soon as possible. We hereto demand the immediate removal of this discriminatory tax and hope our demands will be taken into consideration in a timely manner.


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