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Petitioning Anthony J. Romanello – Stafford County, Virginia County Administrator

Reinstate brave firefighters suspended for transporting toddler to the hospital! Please sign!

by Marianne Pereira

29.366 NEEDED

TARGET 30.000 SIGNATURES 634 supporters

In a shocking development of events, two courageous firemen that managed to save the life of an unresponsive toddler have been suspended!

The reason for the suspension? The two brave men transported a seriously injured toddler to the hospital for treatment in the back seat of their fire van.

Cpt. James Kelley and Sgt. Virgil Bloom were quick to respond to a 911 call and discovered 18-month-old Lena in a terrible state of health after just suffering a seizure. Communication broke down during these critical moments and the men had to act in a split second. Although the rules clearly state that the fire truck shall not be used as transportation for someone in medical need, they decided to take a chance. Unsure of how long it would take for an ambulance, the two men grabbed Lena and transported her to the hospital, which was just three minutes away.

Doctors were able to stabilize Lena and eventually save her life. Doctors publicly thanked the two men and admitted that hadn’t it been for their actions, she would no longer be alive today.

Their superiors were not impressed with the actions carried out by the two men and decided to sanction them for breaking the rules.

These two men are heroes and should be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. There is absolutely no justification for them to be punished. Yes, they might have gone against the rules, but it was only to save a child’ life. Everyone in their position would have made this decision.

Please show your support to ensure that these heroes are reinstated as soon as possible and receive the necessary back pay. Compassion is under no circumstances a cause for suspension!


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