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Petitioning The British & Irish and European Government's and ABTA should assist in safeguarding holiday makers? on a moral basis not commercial basis or political?

Please get the Spanish Government to Safeguard British, Irish and European Holiday makers by changing old & outdated poolside legislation?

by David Stephen Williams March 17, 2018

99.969 NEEDED

TARGET 100.000 SIGNATURES 31 supporters
 On the 17/08/16 my son Craig aged 12 went on holiday to Spain, a day later he drown, 4 days later Craig passed away leaving us for eternity and a life of hurt and pain! 22/08/16 R.I.P  Since Craig's passing I have discovered that it was totally unnecessary? because of the draconian poolside legislation that is not cast iron in law and open to interpretation by each of the 17 autonomous regions in Spain? which can be tweaked by all to suit each region? I have proof that holiday makers are put at risk all in the name of a Euro? In Spain under Spanish Royal decree as a directive! 
A) Resorts under royal decree but not enforced do not have to supply no more than one lifeguard in a resort for pool safety irrespective of how many holiday makers are in the resort? as long as it  the total water surface coverage does not exceed 5000 sq feet in total? thus there could be 3, 4, 5 or more pools, but one lifeguard on station as long as its less than 5000 sq feet!
B) Resorts do not have to have a defibrillator in the resort which can save life! unless there are more than 2000 people in same including staff, and yet the cheapest defibrillator on the market costs as low as £600.00!
C) Resorts under royal decree but not enforced are obliged to fence and lock pools when not in use? However, there is no minimum height for any fence, the 17 autonomous regions use the French example of 1.5 metres as a benchmark? but not enshrined in legislation? thus one again discretionary? Risk! 
17 million people visited Spain in 2016 including my son.....in 2015 415 souls perished through drowning in Spain in resorts, by the beach, riverside, and in lakes? In 2016 there was a 5% increase in fatality's due to drowning? 437 including my son? and despite sorrowful letters and emails from the Spanish authority's, there is an increase which remains unexplained? Why? Your cheap £300.00 holiday could cost you all a lot much more? Your beloved one or ones? Please raise awareness to safeguard all! sign our petition please and maybe the governments may listen to reason? and save life? God bless x       

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