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Petition For Better And Healthier Sleeping Mattresses

by John Steelman January 17, 2018


TARGET 100 SIGNATURES 1 supporters
If you want to sleep better, signing this petition might help. In fact, upon hearing that you might have been sleeping on a cancerous, hazardous, life-threatening mattress, you might not even sleep at all! But that is true! Many of the mattresses which are found in numerous households, in fact are made of life-threatening materials. The reason why this is so is simple: there is no legislation that prevents the use of hazardous materials in production of mattresses and sleep products.

In order to make some changes, you have to sign this petition. Your support will help us bring this problem to limelight and finally make some changes. This petition will also steer the attention of the general public in this direction and we might just finally be able to change the legislation that refers to the production of mattresses. The support and help we get from you will help you have a piece of mind and finally know that you have done something to prevent a complete disaster. All of this will definitely help you sleep better at night. 


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