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Petitioning Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Daniel Ashe

Logging project could endanger the lives of thousands of Northern Spotted Owls! Act Now!

by Bailey Khan on July 28, 2016

27.414 NEEDED

TARGET 30.000 SIGNATURES 2.586 supporters

The Eastside Fire Recovery Project is a proposed logging venture that is due to occupy over 42, 000 acres of the Klamath National Forest in California, a land that is widely known as critical habitat for the northern spotted owl. This magnificent species is currently labeled as ‘endangered’ by the US Endangered Species Act.

Should the proposed project go ahead as planned, over 100 of these beautiful creatures will be directly affected. This is more than one percent of the entire population of northern spotted owls, estimated at around 6, 600.

On the United State Fish and Wildlife Service’s website, ‘timber harvesting and land conversions’ are mentioned as the primary reasons behind the massive decline of this species. Indeed, the timber industry is to blame for reckless deforestation projects. Despite all of this, the USFWS has approved the project and has given the green light for yet more forest destruction.

What happens if the northern spotted owl’s habitat is ruined completely? The birds are likely to compete with resources with the large barred owl, a rival species with similar habitat conditions. To be more specific, the northern spotted owl will have nowhere to relocate. And no one really ones about their capacity to adapt to a new environment (if there is actually any).

There are the devastating effects of the Westside Fire Recovery Project. To be as straightforward as possible, the project will be effectively the end of these majestic birds. The project is highly unethical, it blatantly disregards important environmental problems and therefore should not be allowed to continue.

Even the USFWS has recognized it will almost impossible to keep an accurate count on how many birds will be injured or will perish as a result of this massive logging project. And the spotted owls are not the only species that will suffer the consequences of this project.

It is high time the USFWS actually cared about the environment and stepped up to protect wildlife. Up to this point, this government agency is serving anyone else but the wild animals.

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerning about the northern spotted owl and do not to see this species go extinct under any circumstances.

Your signature is essential for the survival of these species. Please do not let these truly extraordinary birds down and do not destroy more of California’s woodland.


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