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Petitioning Suffolk County council

Keep our children safe, petition for a lollipop person ( school crossing patrol) on St George's Road, Beccles.

by Becky Howlett


TARGET 500 SIGNATURES 153 supporters
The traffic on St George's Road just over the bridge is a nightmare. It is not safe for children to cross the road alone due to the sheer volume of traffic and the speed can also be an issue. I have seen many people speed over the bridge to try and beat the traffic the other way and if a child were to be crossing the road it would have a catastrophic result. Many parents are not allowing their year 5 and 6 children to walk alone due to that road needing to be crossed, I have even witnessed parents watching their children across that road and then send them on their way and turning back to go home again. Our children should be able to feel safe on their way to and from school. They need to have a bit of freedom and trust. If we can get a lollipop person on that road then our children will be safe. Please sign the petition and help us get our voices heard. Us parents and caregivers should be able to let our much loved  young people leave, safe in the knowledge that they will arrive safely at school. 

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