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Petitioning Sushma swaraj

Is my dad an Indian or foreigner?

by M.s. Khan


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My dad Shahzada Khan, from mirza, Guwahati, Assam he was sent to jail on 4 feb 2017 from Foreigner Tribunal court after he found himself in D-Voter list.He even wrote up a book “Man & Human” based on the fact that ‘humanity is the best religion among all other religions’.He wanted to spread peace and brotherhood feeling among the people of our country.He even received the national award for the book.He was born here in 1963 and then later he went back to Afghanistan with his Dad, he came back in 1980 from afghanistan.

So my question to you people is that whether my dad is an Indian or an illegal immigrant and why he is in jail because he was supposed to be in detention camp?” If he is an Indian why is he in jail yet been declared as an illegal immigrant and if he is a foreigner why does he have passport, driving license, ration card etc from the Indian government and it’s not our fault we didn’t buy it.we were given those documents on behalf of some proof.

so i want to know that is my father an Indian or not.if yes then I request you to release him out of jail as soon as possible.and if he’s a foreigner then he must get deported to China or Bangladesh or Thailand or Afghanistan or any one country where he belongs. Because its not just about him its about us too. He has a family . And we’re just helpless right now. So please take necessary actions quickly.

I want to show the people, the injustices prevailing in our society. Yet, the govt. is totally baffled.


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