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by Kimberly Burgess Blankenship March 21, 2017

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To Whom it May Concern;

Our school systems seem to not believe that any discipline or matters concerning an employee of the school and our children should need to be reported to the custodian or parent. We have got to stand up and be heard and make a change!

ANY issue or concern that involves OUR CHILDREN should be at the top of the list of rules and regulations of school policy. There should never even be a second thought on this! We send our children to school where for atleast 18 years of their life and the most crucial years at that we are supposed to be insured our children and their best interest are the most important parts of schools responsibilities.

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (WKRN) – News 2 has obtained the report from the Maury County School Administration’s investigation into the relationship between 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas and her 50-year-old teacher Tad Cummins. Click here to read the full report.

The high school freshman was in Cummins’ Forensics class at Culleoka Unit School.

On Jan. 23, a student says she walked into Cummins’ classroom to grab her backpack and saw Cummins and Thomas kiss on the lips. The student described it as a “peck.”

The following day, the student confronted Cummins, who said he saw Thomas as his “best friend.” The student filed a report with school administration.

PHOTOS: AMBER Alert for Elizabeth Thomas

Thomas and Cummins were interviewed by school officials. They both denied the incident ever took place but admitted to a friendly relationship.

However, the teen was removed from Cummins’ class and they were told to stay away from each other.

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On Feb. 3, Thomas was seen in Cummins’ classroom so he was suspended. But Thomas’ father, Anthony, says he didn’t hear about the incident from the school.

On Jan. 31, he was contacted by a Maury County Sheriff’s detective who was investigating the incident, which had happened a week prior.

Anthony Thomas hired attorney Jason Whatley, who wrote a letter to the school admonishing them for “brushing” him aside.

In the letter, Whatley says when Mr. Thomas searched Elizabeth’s phone, he found she had been communicating with Cummins. The letter sent Feb. 6 from Whatley to the school also says, “I cannot overemphasize to you the concern we have here.”

Elizabeth Thomas disappeared with the teacher on March 13.

On Sunday night, the Maury County Sheriff told News 2 there’s evidence that Cummins had been making plans to “live off the grid.”

Even more troubling is that neither Thomas nor Cummins have used their debit or credit cards.

Thomas was last seen at the Shoney’s in Columbia when a friend dropped her off. Cummins was spotted next door at a gas station filling up his 2015 silver Nissan Rogue.

A statewide Amber Alert has been issued for Thomas. So far, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has received 250 tips from 24 states. The story has also gained national attention, with coverage from ABC News and others.

Anyone who sees the pair is urged to call 911.

The license plate number for Cummins’ car is 976ZPT, but law enforcement officials believe the vehicle may have been abandoned at this point.

News 2 also learned that Thomas’ mother, Kimberly Thomas, hasn’t had contact with her five minor children in over a year. There are 10 children in all, but five of the children are adults.

In Jan. 2016, Mrs. Thomas was charged with four counts of child abuse and neglect. A family friend we spoke to denied the allegations tied to the charges were true.

I have been seeing a lot more of these stories, these are just 2 that will have a huge impact on these kids for the rest of their lives. THEIR lives and the ones around them will NEVER be the same.

Could these incidents been stopped? In my opinion YES! If the school staff had of made those phone calls to the parents MORE actions could have been taken, more precautions, And a whole lot less opportunities!

We As Concerned and Loving Parents Cordially Request some policies be added or amended to where No Matter who it involves inside the school system that it be made CLEAR and mandatory for the Parents to be informed of the situation IMMEDIATELY!


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