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Petitioning International Criminal Court

Free Gaza and prosecute those who violate their Universal Human Rights as was determined by the United Nations October of 2016

by Judith Pecho October 04, 2017

999.159 NEEDED

TARGET 1.000.000 SIGNATURES 841 supporters
Please sign this petition to release the people living in Gaza, approximately 1.9 million people, half of whom are children. They are living in dire conditions and are slowly starving to death, lack sufficient potable water, and their homes have been destroyed.  They have 1-3 hours of electricity a day for no justifiable reason.  Many are living in bombed out home with rocks for pillows.  Children are arrested and taken to jail in large numbers weekly.  They are taken from their parents, and return home in bad condition.  There are over 9, 000 Palestinian men being held in prison without charge in dark cells without daylight.  This past week unarmed Gazans were bombed around three o'clock in the morning while sleeping and a little over 100 were killed.  There Geneva Convention Human Rights are violated daily.  Guns pointed into the faces and bodes of children in order to terrify them.  Teenagers taken to prison and beaten without charges or sufficient charge.  Usually for throwing a rock at their captors which is allowed under such occupation.  Their lives are hanging by a thread and the countries of the UN have not acted and the International Criinal Court has overlooked the charges from a year ago and not required they be released and the people giving orders and fulfilling the orders to violate their rights are not being arrested and prosecuted. Please sign the petition to release the people in Gaza and in the Prisons as victims of occupation.

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