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Petitioning US President Donald Trump

Donald, Accept Climate Change is Happening

by Fae High February 25, 2017

98.706 NEEDED

TARGET 100.000 SIGNATURES 1.294 supporters

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As  The Time writes,  Donald Trump's Science Denial Is Becoming National Policy!

This is very worrying, first, Climate Change is Real, animals are perishing, temperatures are rising and so are sea levels. Most if not all scientist, independent that is, believe this. Of course there are some paid scientists, by the petroleum companies and other lobby groups that deny that.  But the real scientists are wight! We need to shelter from climate change and we we do it using science and "green" policies.

Not Donald Trump, he plans on denying climate change as "not a thing", and pay tribute to his masters that paid for his campaign to be elected president.

He plans on cutting fund for research and development in our country and stopping and/or reversing all the green policies so far!

This is very bad! Please Sign our petition and let's bring real change to this world!


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