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Petitioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Child begging should be banned in India!

by Manoj Joshi January 20, 2017

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We want from the State Government to remove child begging from the streets.

In virtually every street corner in major Indian cities you can see children that are begging passers-by for their mercy.

I think this deplorable practice should come to an end. Most of these children are forced / tricked into these actions. They live the life no human deserves.

We demand child begging is banned nationwide and all the children are rehabilitated and given a second chance. These children have the right to a normal life! This is not happening right now!

India is looking to become one of the leading nations on Earth, but this objective will not be achieved if such type of slavery is condoned.

Support a crack down on child begging by signing and sharing this petition now. Thank you!

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