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Petitioning Lynsi Snyder – President of In-N-Out

Ask In-N-Out to introduce veggie burger on the menu!

by Mamie Marcum on October 26, 2016

18.416 NEEDED

TARGET 20.000 SIGNATURES 1.584 supporters

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If you are looking for a humane, healthy food option at In-N-Out restaurants, you will be extremely disappointed. The popular burger house offers virtually no alternative for those who love animals and do not want to eat them.

While other well known food chains have put up vegetenarian alternatives on the menu, In-N-Out has failed to take action. Chipotle has introduced vegan sofritas; Whitecastle is offering veggie sliders and even Burger King has put up a BK Veggie on the menu and the reaction from customers has been very positive.

In-N-Out has always taken great pride both in customer satisfaction and ethical business practices. However, it has disappointed millions of people. We, the undersigned, are hoping our voice will be heard and an alternative menu will be introduced as soon as possible.

There has to be a meat-free option in all In-N-Out restaurants. It is beyond doubt that a veggie burger deserves a place on the menu.

Please voice your support and urge In-N-Out to take action and fulfill our demands now.

In-N-Out has currently no meat-free options on the menu.
Veggie burger - Burger King.
Chipotle vegan sofritas

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