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Petitioning John B. King, Jr. – Acting Secretary of Education

Allow girls to play and develop in sports traditionally dominated by males!

by Portia Foy

9.215 NEEDED

TARGET 10.000 SIGNATURES 785 supporters

I am writing to the Acting Secretary of Education in the United States to ask him to do more for girls and allow them to play and develop in sports traditionally dominated by male athletes, such as baseball and American football.

The major problem is at there is not even a single recognized high school female baseball team in the entire United States. This is unacceptable! Recent studies point out that over 100000 girls are playing youth baseball. Out of these girls, only 1, 000 end up playing baseball in high school. These numbers are just ridiculous! It is a common practice for girls to be discouraged from following a baseball career, as they grow older. Many girls are forced quit because they are bullied off the team – these ruthless intimidation acts come from coaches and parents likewise.

Throughout their careers, many female baseball players are asked if they would like to switch to softball. While some female athletes enjoy softball, many girls actually like to play baseball, due to the larger bases, bigger fields and smaller balls. Probably the most affected position are pitchers – who are reluctant to switch to softball after putting in countless hours of training and have successfully learned to master a specific set of skills. Switching to softball will literally mean starting all over again.

Baseball is not, however, the only sport that is somehow forbidden for women: American football is also notorious for not allowing girls to play. From my knowledge, there is basically no female team in high school or college and there is no NFL league dedicated to exclusively to female athletes. Just as baseball is concerned, girls that enjoy this great American game are pursued to follow other sports. Why should these women be deprived by this pleasure? This is pure gender discrimination.

I am deeply concerned that this situation has been going on for years and years. America must make a change and prove to the entire world it is a country in which discrimination is deeply frowned upon.

Show your support and urge the US Secretary of Education to stand up and do more so women could have their own baseball and American football competitions.


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